While babysitting my grandaughter in Raleigh, NC in April of 2009, I weighed 180 pounds. Back in December of 2007, I had been admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with ulcerated colitis. I was well aware of the fact that I needed to be as "lean and mean" as possible to fight my disease. At that time, I weighed 190 pounds. Making a little progress, I dropped down to 161 pounds by January of 2008.

But between that year and the next, I had gained back much of what I'd lost. Now was the time to take action. I was very active in stripping and painting houses, but I was still gaining weight. I decided to tweak my diet, eating foods that were more enjoyable to me (might as well make myself happy with the diet!). I thought if I could get down to 165 pounds, I would be happy. I met my goal in no time!

Then I thought, "How about 160 pounds?" In another week, I was down to 160. Piece of cake! Then, I thought, "How about 155 pounds?" The following week, I was a trim 155 pounds. Boy, this was easy! If I can do 155 pounds, how about 150 pounds? One week later, my goal was 150. No problem! Then I asked myself, "How about 145 pounds?" In no time, I challenged myself to get down to my 8th grade weight of 140 pounds on my now 5'8" frame. Soon, I met my goal.

Should I stop? My fascination took charge--could I get to 138 pounds, knowing that I wouldn't have any body fat left? By the first week in June, my weight was between 138 and 142 pounds. The following have resulted since my weight loss:

  • I have a flat stomach
  • I can run (maybe even faster than when I was in high school!)
  • I can walk for several miles
  • I have no arthritis pain in my joints
  • I am more flexible
  • I get to buy new clothes
  • I have more energy (working 10-12 hours some days)
  • Heat doesn't bother me
  • I look younger
  • I lost my work horse thighs!


All of this happened so much more quickly than I ever dreamed possible!