John McDougall, M.D. offers alternate ideal body weight charts showing much leaner body ideals than the government’s upward-trending Body Mass Index (BMI) based on averages. These charts may be "politically incorrect," but more accurately reflect the weights of indigenous people all over the planet who eat whole-foods diets closer to the earth and suffer from little degenerative disease:


*Fully Dressed
Height Weight
4ft 11in 91
5ft 94
5ft 1in 97
5ft 2in 100
5ft 3in 104
5ft 4in 108
5ft 5in 112
5ft 6in 117
5ft 7in 122
5ft 8in 127
5ft 9in 132
5ft 10in 137
5ft 11in 142
6ft 147

*Fully Dressed
Height Weight
5ft 2in 110
5ft 3in 115
5ft 4in 120
5ft 5in 125
5ft 6in 130
5ft 7in 135
5ft 8in 140
5ft 9in 145
5ft 10in 150
5ft 11in 155
6ft 160
6ft 1in 165
6ft 2in 170
6ft 3in 175
6ft 4in 180
6ft 5in 185


Fact: Listen to your body and know what weight it wants to be at. Not what your metabolism wants, because your metabolism may be damaged and in need of rehabilitation and nourishment. But rather, know what lean is for you, and be willing to go there, off the government’s “ideal" body weight charts based on averages, and stay there with a whole-foods diet. Definitely don’t beat yourself up if you are trying to lose weight, and set realistic goals. But don’t make target numbers relative to the BMI chart, how many babies you’ve had, or things that skew a truly healthy weight.

Johns video 2011